Mystic Forces

About Mystic Forces

Mystic Forces is an international multi-gaming community that was originally founded on August 9th 2006 as a clan in the popular Star Wars game, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy(JKA).

During the peak of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy's popularity, Mystic Forces proudly hosted the most active server globally (out of thousands of servers).

By 2012 we were more than a hundred members strong, and in early 2013 we moved on from JKA and expanded into a multi-gaming community forming guilds in MMO's such as Star Wars: The Old Repubic, The Elder Scrolls Online & more.

In September 2023, after a decade-long hiatus, we decided to restore our popular JKA server and begin development on our own build of Lugormod (an RPG inspired server-side mod), aptly named “Mystic Lugormod”, or MysticLMD for short.

Come and meet us in game, and feel free to join our Discord.

A Brief History

Mystic Forces was officially founded on August 9, 2006, by former members of !!BOSS!! (Barbaric Overlords Systematic Savagery) – another Jedi Academy clan – at that time we were named <|GOD|> (Gods of Destruction).

One of the key people involved in the exodus from !!BOSS!!, and the founder of this community, was Jake (known during that time as “LordJ@ke”, and later “AmonR@”). Jake is still around, and still leads Mystic Forces to this day. However, he now shares this duty with long-time member, “Sergeant Silly” (previously known as MCT1G3R).

During the peak of Jedi Academy, and in particular Lugormod servers (circa 2006-2010), Mystic Forces proudly hosted the most active Lugormod server globally, and 2nd most active JKA server globally (out of more than 1000 servers).

Eventually, the game's popularity began to taper off, and as many clan members began moving on to other games, our community finally left Jedi Academy in early 2013. We briefly renamed to Terran Gaming, before switching to Order of Terra in 2014 when forming our organisation in Star Citizen, and guilds in Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Elder Scrolls Online. Over the years since, the community has slowly faded, until now.

In September 2023, just as Jedi Academy celebrated it's “20th Anniversary”, the community rallied back together restoring both the community itself, and our once popular Lugormod server. Mystic Forces is back, and Jedi Academy is just the beginning!

About Lugormod

Lugormod is a server-side mod featuring in-game entity manipulation, allowing builders to customize maps with both cosmetic changes and interactive objects.

Lugormod also adds RPG elements – a unique feature among Jedi Academy's mods:

  • Professions (Jedi / Sith / mercenary)
  • Character progression (levelling)
  • Quests and NPCs
  • Money (credits)

Mystic Forces is now running – and developing – its own version of Lugormod, simply titled Mystic Lugormod.

Lugormod Guides

If you take an interest in map building, checkout our list of Jedi Academy models (map objects), including images:

Please keep in mind that it dates back to 2009, and hasn't been updated since then.

You can also find some documentation about Lugormod on GitHub, uploaded by mheh (Milo Hehmsoth – not affiliated with Mystic Forces):

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